About Us:

Business Driven Systems (BDS) is a privately held Australian owned and operated software product business established in 1999.

BDS focuses on helping clients take control of their businesses by developing middleware products and services that assist businesses to collaborate.

There are three brands that BDS has:
  • 1. SyncDirect – helping businesses to take control of their information
    • SyncDirect turns your financial data into meaningful information.
    • SyncDirect enables your business, your clients, your franchisees – no matter who you are dealing with - to deliver data in the format that you can use and in a format that is useful for them.
  • 2. GovDirect – helping businesses to take control of their compliance
    • Take control of your compliance with GovDirect and report from business to government instantly.
    • With GovDirect you can securely manage compliance interactions on behalf of your business clients with multiple Government agencies in real-time from anywhere
  • 3. SupplierDirect – helping businesses to take control of their supply chain
    • Supplier Direct connects your accounting system to your trading partners EDI system
    • Supplier Direct reduces manual re-entry of data through automation, avoids human error and correction of manually entered data, lowers administration and support costs and reduces the time taken to receive payment for your goods

BDS aims to provide high quality accounting based integrated solutions for Business to Business, Business to Government and Business to Intermediaries.

BDS solutions enable our customers to create and manage independent yet interdependent business applications that coexist and cooperate with each other.

BDS helps clients by reducing the complexity of their existing environment, refining and automating associated business processes to produce business benefits such as cost reduction, improvements in capacity, or increased profitability when engaging trading partners.

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